The approach to nutrition at B Well Fitness Club looks at your emotional behaviours towards food and how it effects your food choices and eating habits. It is a much deeper approach to understanding our relationship with food and has proven much more successful than other approaches such as counting calories, or strict macros diet plans.

These are all important for weight loss and optimal nutrition however it’s not always that clear cut or easy to follow, and does not factor in day to day real life scenario’s or stressors that are constantly holding you back.

B Well Fitness Club mindset nutrition looks at some of the following barriers facing people:

  • Your emotional connection with food.
  • The habits you have inherited or carried with you since childhood.
  • Your social surroundings and behaviours around food.
  • Your cultural influences with eating habits.
  • Your thought process when it comes to meal or snack times.
  • Mindless eating or binge eating.
    Cognitive behaviours to diet and nutrition.

“B Well Mindset Nutrition” Coaching gives you the tools to help you lift the barriers that are holding you back.

Step 1

To get started on your journey call or text us on 087-7643449, or email info@bwellfitnessclub.com. We will then email you our nutrition questionnaire and arrange a time and date for your in person consultation. The questions are designed to start you on your path of self-discovery of what you are looking for and what may be holding you back.

Step 2

During your consultation one of our nutrition coaches will go through the results of your questionnaire and apply tools to help get you started on your new journey with food and mindset. A full body assessment is carried out to measure body fat vs muscle mass and inches to get a realistic view of overall body composition, rather than focusing on weight alone.

Step 3

The tools you require are all set up and available to you via an app that we explain to you.
You use these tools on your journey and you also have the coaches available if you start to struggle with anything, or have questions.

Step 4

There are weekly check-ins with our nutrition coaches and our in house coaching psychologist.

We have 3 x qualified Nutrition coaches, and 1 coaching psycologist that will team up to give you the best and most effective advice to help you successfully reach your goals.

Step 5

During Week 4 of the plan there is a full in-person assessment. with one of our coaches, where you can compare the results of your initial assessment to week 4 to see where you have made progress.

Step 6

This will be advised by the coaches at the end of your 4 week review. If they feel you may need an additional 4 week plan to take further steps and changes they will advise you. We have a month 2 follow on plan and an month 3+long term maintenance plan with prices outlined to follow.
However, if they feel you are on the right path and are confident to continue on your own, they will advise you of same, and believe us there is nothing more satisfying than knowing you have helped someone change their lives and attitudes to food and overall health.


Initial Kick Start Plan

Cost €120

Includes initial consultation, 2 x full body assessments, nutrition plan plus your tools for the 4 weeks, weekly check in during each week of the plan, accountability with your coach and weekly advice to help you along.

Month 2+ Follow On Plan

Cost €80

Includes a full body assessment at the end of the 4 weeks, weekly check-ins as well as advice & support from our coaches, plus additional tools if needed.

Long Term Maintenance Plan

Cost €60 per month

At this point it is all about using the tools already provided to their utmost and using your new found skills when it comes to food and food choices.

We do a full assessment at the end of 6 weeks.

Coaching & Coaching Psychology

Cost €40 per session (45 mins)

These are discreet, confidential one to one sessions with Neilus who is our Coaching Psychologist.

Our B Well nutrition coaches Edele, Neilus & Peter are waiting to help you make the change so make that call or text today

Please be assured that all information and personal details are dealt with in the strictest of confidentiality & professional conduct.