At B Well Fitness we are all about being a one stop shop for body & mind fitness and as part of our total wellness offering Pilates is becoming more popular with each passing week. 

Our pilates instructors are Edele and Stefan, who focus very much on helping each person improve core strength, improve posture, flexibility, balance & muscle tone.

We believe strongly in the mind-body connection and the importance of correct breathing techniques to maximise your pilates workout.

We offer courses on a regular basis, just contact us for upcoming course details.

Edele leads our Level 1 Mat Based Pilates course, focusing on breathing techniques, correct core engagement as well as the basic pilates movements.

Stefan leads our Level 2 pilates course helping people to progress from our level 1 or for anyone that has experience of pilates whether it was gained at B Well Fitness Club or not.

Whatever your experience of pilates we are sure we have something that will work for you, and will  make sure that you get a good workout.

Interested? Contact us on 087-7643449 or email