Studio & Open Gym Rules & Regulations

  • A proper warm-up is essential to avoid muscle injury. We include a warmup as part of every class so no one will be permitted entry to class if more than 10 minutes late.
  • You are exercising at your own risk. Please be aware that B Well Fitness Club accepts no responsibility for injuries you may incur while exercising in classes or the open gym area. All clients that have not used the facility previously will have to undergo an initial assessment including a functional movement screen and fitness test prior to commencing your first gym session.
  • Proper attire is required to use the facility: No sandals, open-toe shoes or bare feet are allowed.
  • If the machine you want to use is occupied in the open gym area, then ask the person using it how long they have to finish their workout. Please be courteous when doing so and use other equipment until what you require becomes available.
  • You are required to ALWAYS clean up after yourself. This includes the following:     

      – wipe down all equipment after use with wipes/sprays provided

– all equipment is to be put back when you finish your workout, Do Not Leave equipment lying on the floor

      – all rubbish such as plastic water bottles, paper towels, etc should be thrown into the rubbish bins provided

  • Please use only one piece of equipment at a time and be courteous to other members at all times.
  • When returning equipment to the racks please do so with caution and don’t just drop or throw them back.
  • A proper cool-down and stretch is important after working out, and is incorporated into all classes. If you need to leave class early, please allow an extra 5 minutes to cool down properly. If using the open gym then the onus is on you to both warmup and cooldown properly.