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Health for older adults is the focus at B Well Fitness Club as we launch a Healthy Aging timetable to help you achieve the recommended weekly level of moderate aerobic activity and muscle-strengthening exercises. 

We know that common physical conditions in older age include back and neck pain and osteoarthritis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes, depression and dementia.

And as people age, they are more likely to experience several conditions at the same time. The long periods of social isolation we’ve all experienced in the last three years adds to these risk factors. 

Following a very successful and positive response to B Well’s Healthy Aging fitness programme during the Summer, our local wellness focused fitness club is delighted to extend their Healthy Aging classes for the over 50s to a dedicated Monday to Friday timetable. 

Full of variety, the classes include Pilates, Yoga, Circuit Training and Resistance plus gym sessions to help build better mobility, bone mass density, flexibility, balance, strength & overall better health.

Fear of falling is a real issue for many elderly people. Healthy Aging Pilates will take place every Monday at 1pm. Pilates is an ideal low impact exercise to build muscle strength in the back and legs, giving you better balance and thereby confidence to live your everyday life as you wish. 

During the Healthy Aging Open Gym sessions on Tuesdays at 12pm the team here at B Well will show you how to use the gym equipment, and what kind of exercises you should be doing if you are hoping to age well and live well as you get older. 

The Healthy Aging Circuit Training classes each Wednesday at 1pm will teach you various exercises to build your mobility, posture, strength and aerobic health. 

A good quality of life is on many people’s wish lists and for that B Well offer Healthy Aging Yoga each Thursday at 12pm. Yoga holds many benefits including increased cardiovascular health, mood levels, relaxation and stress reduction as well as better sleep.

Friday’s Healthy Aging Resistance Training class at 1pm will work on improving your general fitness, improve bone mass density, balance and strengthen muscles. 

To keep participation affordable and pressure free, classes are €10 Pay As You Go. B Well do have membership options available also, which give great value if you are planning to attend classes on a regular basis.

Many of us are still fearful of getting back out and about might be finding it difficult to return to doing ‘normal’ things such as group activities such as fitness classes or socializing. B Well aims to make the process as easy as possible for you – to book into any of the classes, visit B Well to see the space, or find out more, contact us on 087 764 3449. 

B Well Fitness Club, Unit 3 Countess Shopping Centre, Killarney V93 K57F

Sources: HSE, World Healthy Organisation.

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Health for older adults is the focus at B Well Fitness Club as we launch a Healthy Aging timetable to help you achieve the recommended